This event will include the competitive awards found in a typical FLL tournament. We will also create a number of subjective awards to recognize excellence which is not quantified by the tournament process and to acknowledge the unique contribution each team makes to to the tournament just by coming to play with us.
Awards will be a key part in the closing Rally.
Where two performances are equally excellent, Judges will not need to make a marginal decision not to recognize one of the teams. Two winners could be designated. Our ability to be flexible in making awards will be enhanced by the nature of the awards: Paper certificates for each team member, printed on the spot. Final decisions on numbers of awards and on some award categories can be made at the last minute.

FLL Awards
1 Champion's Award 25% from each venue
1-3 Technical Awards Description
Robot Design
— Programming
— Design
— — Design Innovation
— — Design Dependability
1-3 Team Presentation Description
Project Award
— Research Quality
— Innovative Solution
— Creative Presentation
1 Teamwork Description
Teamwork Award
0-3 Optional Judges Awards Description
Against All Odds Award Improvising in a difficult situation
Rising Star Award A future champion team
Team Spirit Award An enthusiastic team that has fun
Destination Imagination Type Awards
DaVinci Award Beautiful/ Elegant Designed Robot
Renaissance Award Most Elegant Solution to a mission
Spirit of Discovery Award Best Learners
Possible Locally Defined Awards
Sportsmanship Best Teachers Team Pride Friendliest
Leadership Does Most With Least Best Theme Best Android
Professionalism Rookie of the Year Best Table Display Artificial Intelligence

Here is the file used to create Award Certificates.

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