Certainty about the history of the War and Peace Robotics Tournament has been lost to the mists of history. The origins can be traced at least back to the times when robots roamed the factory floors, enslaving humans, who were forced to serve the machines.

Humans dreamed of the day when the hegemony of the robot would be overcome and mankind would establish dominion over machines. In those days there were mechanics who knew how to repair the machines and programmers who could tinker with minds of the machines, but knowledge of the machines was fragmented and scattered across the land in the minds of many. This knowledge of the machine was thought to be a kind of magic, and each village guarded their knowledge jealously.

There arose in those days a guild of men and women who realized that their freedom, and that of their children, rested on their ability to join together and share their knowledge. Only together could the people gain control over the robots.

No one knows the cost in time and aggravation it it took to control the robots. Some say that, secretly, the robots still rule today. But is from the spirit of that pioneering guild of men and women that the War & Peace Robotics Tournament was born.

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