This is a working document used to identify the key Areas of Responsibility , assign Coordinators for each area and link to pages to organize for each area.

Areas of Responsibility Coordinator Contact Email
Schedule: Coordinate Tournament Day activities Dave ten.nozirev|knobapoh#ten.nozirev|knobapoh
Performance Competition (Robots) Kristen UDE.htuomtraD|eirul.l.netsirk#UDE.htuomtraD|eirul.l.netsirk
Technical Judging Skye Sweeny/ Dave -
Presentation Judging (Research Project) Dave Auerbach -
Teamwork Judging Steve MOC.TENges|evets#MOC.TENges|evets
Recruit, Organize and Train Volunteers Kristen/ Dave UDE.htuomtraD|eirul.l.netsirk#UDE.htuomtraD|eirul.l.netsirk
Logistics: Facilitiesand Equipment Kristen UDE.htuomtraD|eirul.l.netsirk#UDE.htuomtraD|eirul.l.netsirk
Event Logistics (set up\ tear down) Everyone -
Site Communications - -
Organize the Rallies that open and close the tournament Dave -
Registration, Communications and Publicity Dave ten.nozirev|knobapoh#ten.nozirev|knobapoh
Awards and Scoring Infrastructure Dave ten.nozirev|knobapoh#ten.nozirev|knobapoh
Evaluation and Improvement of Tournament Open -

Our Judging section contains forms and instructions for the three judging venue.
Here is a list of Volunteer Jobs.
Planning Timeline

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