Presentation Judging

We will staff the research project judging venue with a local coach, a volunteer Dartmouth College student and someone with FIRST experience. In addition to the FLL team being judged, we will also have another FLL team observe the judging process and ask a couple of questions themselves.

The adult judges will use the usual FLL judging procedures to score the team. The FLL observing team will provide the other team with a one or two sentence subjective evaluation on the most impressive aspects of their presentation.

The following is some of the information the manager of the venue will need to determine:

Create a schedule for n interviews (for a tournament with n teams.)
How much time for each interview, between each interview and for pre-tournament preparation.
How many interviews should a judge conduct between breaks.
Should the rotation of judges be as a group (so that they continue as a team) or individually (so judging teams are continuously shuffled.)
How will the judging teams communicate with the venue manager and others in the tournament to keep them advised of progress and needs.
What sort of preparation will be required at the start of the tournament.

Needed: Judging Rubric, FLL type report forms, Observer team report forms.

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